Address from professor Nakamura

The 21the century is the time of environment. Recent environmental problems involving air pollution, electromagnetic fields and stress are very complex and must be solved before the effects are transmitted to the next generation. For examples, air pollutant substances may promote our allergic reaction to originally existed allergen, subsequently leading to the development of allergic diseases, e. g., asthma, atopic dermatitis, and pollinosis. We must assess the effects of environments on health validly and develop new methods for preventing the detrimental effects of environments.

For the purpose of it, we study the interaction of heredity and environment, because some genes are sensitive to the specific environment, and others are resistant. By determination of the candidate genes for a certain allergic disease, we can design preventive methods for the disease. We study the tailor-made preventive medicine for allergic disease.

Besides allergy, we study the effects of environment including electromagnetic fields, chemical toxic substances, and work stress using molecular biology, physiology, andepidemiology.

We make efforts to contribute to our society by our researches and education.