Our Researches

Our theme includes various studies of environmental and preventive medicine, especially electromagnetic fields, interaction of heredity and environment in allergy, assessment of effects of toxic substances on health and work stress.

1)Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Neuroendocrine-immune systems

We demonstrated immunosuppression produced by microwaves during pregnancy, associated with thermal homeostasis. Several neuropeptides including neurotensis and pituitary opioids were involved in the immunosuppression. CRH played a critical role in mediating uteroplacental circulation during microwaves.

2) Determination of candidate genes for allergic dieases and interaction of genes and environments in allergic diseases

Our molecular epidemiology revealed that polymorphisms of eosinophil peroxidase (EPO) and interleukin 4 receptor A (IL4RA) genes were associated with Japanese cedar pollinosis. Especially, polymorphisms of IL4RA was considered to be involeved in the sensitization to cedar pollen, and subsequently lead to the development of symptoms produced by accumulated exposure to pollens.

3)Development of biological monitoring system for chemical exposure

GS-X pump, MRP gene family (ABCC) product, is a ATP-depedent transporter of glutathione-S-conjugates. Many molecules are effluxed by GS-X pump as glutathione or glucuronide conjugate. Although some cells highly expressed the GS-X pump show resistancy to antitumor agents or toxic metals, main function of GS-X pump is proposed as secretion of cysteinyl leukotriens, especially LTC4, which are natural existing glutathione conjugate in animal cells. LTC4 is a one of the chemical mediators secreted by mast cells or eosinophils in allergic diseases or inflammation. Because of the potencial importance of GS-X pump to detoxify industrial chemicals or environmental pollutants, this study was conducted to examine the relationship of GS-X pump expression level and chemical exposure. The effect of environmental chemicals like agricultural compounds on GS-X pump induction in cell culture system are currently under study.

4)Assessment of work stress

We analyzed relationships among SOC, cellular immunity and several stress-related indicators and lifestyles in workers, including smoking and exercise. We demonstrated that SOC was efficient for assessment of work stress.